Tom’E, better known as Tommy Edelbroek. Born in Zeist near Utrecht In 1987. After living 21 years in Zeist Tommy moved to Utrecht. In the year 2001 he started the drive-in show ‘Music Nation’ together with Nathan Kok. The drive-in show stopped in the beginning of 2016. Since 2005 Tommy was asked to play at a local club in Zeist. After this first gig as a DJ he decided to focus more at Dj’ing and mixing.


So the first Dj cd-players were bought in and around ’04/’05. The one hour practice every night worked pretty well and Tom’E started to play more and more as just a Dj in clubs and café’s. The first residents were in the local clubs ‘Dancing Chaos’, ‘De Peppel’, ‘Club New’, De koets, ‘Bommel’, ‘De vrolijke noot’ and ‘Heerenplein Utrecht’.

Not only in the Netherlands Tom’E played. Also in Playa del ingles on Gran canaria he was resident of the famous club Zigzags. Zigzags is the place where all the big names play as Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Vato Gonzalez and lots more! Also 100% Orange in Playa del Ingles and places as Belgium, Italy and Spain came by.


Tom’E is still more growing as a Dj. He’s not only playing at bigger and more clubs, discotheques and festivals but also his style of music is growing and becoming more professional. You could describe his style as Tech-house/deep-house/house with groovy beats. Just listen to one of the latest mixtapes and enjoy the style and live mixing techniques! Everything is mixed with CDJ’s and DJM. So everything without SYNC or digital mixing.


In 2014 Tommy started to focus some more on producing. These days every DJ needs to produce to let the crowd hear your own sounds and style in your own tracks. You can find the tracks at his soundcloud and can see him also grow in the producing part.

After more than 1000 performances you can say Tom’E is a professional Dj who knows how to play for what crowd so ever.